AI Adoption is Hard

We make it fast and easy with custom generative AI roadmaps, implementation and support. Fast. Secure. Scalable.


A personal message from Mark Tulloch - Generfy CEO.

Last updated on 22 Feb 2024

Dear Visionary Leader,

We get it. 

Navigating the labyrinth of AI adoption can be as bewildering as a maze designed by a trickster god. It's tough. Insanely tough.

You might be wrestling with questions like, "Which AI solution fits my unique business needs?" or "How can I leverage AI without risking my data security?"

And here you are, bombarded with options, yet starving for clarity.

Welcome to Generfy - where we demystify AI integration and unlock the black box of digital transformation.

We're not about fluff. We're about deploying precision-engineered AI solutions that catapult your business into realms of efficiency and innovation you've only dreamed of.

What we do?

  • Supercharge your operations with AI solutions tailored to your organisations DNA.

  • Illuminate your path with our AI roadmap, guiding you through the murky waters of digital evolution.

  • Secure your legacy with solutions that protect as much as they empower.
This isn't just about surviving the AI revolution. It's about thriving in it, creating legacies, and crafting stories of triumph.

Your next chapter begins with a choice. A choice to embrace the future, to be bold, to be visionary.

Generfy awaits.

We Understand Your Concerns About AI Integration

  • Seamless AI integration without disrupting existing operations is a massive hurdle.

  • Aligning AI with strategic goals take a huge amount of strategizing.

  • Effective and efficient operational transformation through AI is daunting just to think about.

  • Overcoming the expertise gap in leveraging AI for business advantage is a serious obstacle.

  • Providing comprehensive training and ongoing support for AI technologies is going to be a major challenge now and in the future

We Deliver Secure AI Solutions Fast


1. Assessment and Planning

Our Assessment and Planning phase initiates your AI journey with a comprehensive evaluation of your current systems and strategic goals. This crucial step involves detailed surveys, in-depth interviews with your C-suite, and, when necessary, onsite visits tailored to your industry's specific demands.

This meticulous approach ensures the creation of a customized AI roadmap, perfectly aligned with your organization's unique needs and ambitions. By understanding the nuances of your business, we lay the groundwork for a successful, seamless AI integration.


2. Custom Solution Design

In the Custom Solution Design phase, we delve deep into your current technology stack, including all tools, CRMs, and other systems, to ensure the AI solutions we design are not just bespoke but fully compatible with your existing infrastructure.

This comprehensive analysis forms the foundation of your organization's AI Roadmap and Implementation Plan, guaranteeing that the solutions are perfectly aligned with your strategic objectives. The goal is to craft a plan that seamlessly integrates AI into your operations, catalyzing efficiency and innovation tailored specifically to your needs.


3. Implementation and Integration

 Our AI solution deployment is designed for efficiency, enabling secure server activation within minutes. Tailored workspaces cater to specific use cases, enhancing productivity and results. By merging your internal, private data with the power of leading large language models (LLMs), we ensure optimal outcomes.

Plus, seamless API connections to top-tier third-party tools extend your capabilities, ensuring a smooth and powerful integration process that brings immediate value to your operations.


4. Ongoing Support and Optimization

Our dedication to your long-term success extends beyond the initial AI deployment. We offer a user-friendly web interface for effortless data search and interaction, alongside deep insights to drive your decisions.

From initial onboarding and comprehensive staff training to world-class ticket-based support, we provide a full end-to-end service. Our commitment ensures your AI solutions are not only current but also perfectly attuned to your evolving needs, guaranteeing your investment continues to offer substantial value.

Our 3 Products


Custom AI Roadmaps

High detail report Identifying areas ripe for AI enhancement with recommended order of priority. Best in class AI tools and technologies we recommend for your organisation.

uote for implementation


AI Implementation

Based on your approved AI Roadmap strategy, we implement your AI Integration in stages. 

Experienced AI developers who will deploy your solution fast while ensuring privacy and security


Tech Support & Training:

Training package for all staff.

Continuous learning opportunities to keep pace with AI advancements. We act as your eyes and ears in the AI space

Full ticketed support system ensuring timely assistance for technical queries.


What next?

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